Pregnancy Yoga

Feel healthy and confident throughout your pregnancy and prepare for a positive birth experience.

Simple practical yoga sequences and techniques to fit into your life.

"Definitely a must-have DVD to use from the start of your pregnancy all the way through to the end." Emma-Louise, expectant mum

What's on the DVD? [view cover]

Create your own practice with nearly 2 hours of yoga, divided into handy sections:

Introduction 5 mins

Yoga for Work or Home 12 mins

Yoga for Daily Life 9 mins

Yoga to Wake Up 23 mins

Yoga to Chill Out 18 mins

Full Practice 51 mins

Relaxation 11 mins

10% of profits from these DVDs go to the Birthlight Foundation -

Rozy and Kate guide you through several short yoga sequences, full of simple techniques you can use all day long to ease, stretch and strengthen your body as your baby grows. There is also a one-hour practice for when you have time to indulge. These unique sequences are designed to prevent and ease the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and help align mum and baby for a positive birth experience.

Most exercises suitable from earliest pregnancy and throughout. For all levels of fitness, no previous experience necessary. Buy the DVD now for only £15 - or buy both for £25 - with FREE DELIVERY in the UK. For BULK ORDERS (35% discount on 10 or more DVDs) » get in touch.

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What people say about Rozy and Kate's Pregnancy Yoga DVD:

"The DVD is a fantastic tool to use alongside the pregnancy yoga class at home, or even on its own if you can't make the classes. Not only does it help you remember what sequences to do daily, you can also share it with your birthing partner so they can get involved and see what movements, breathing, visualisations can be used though the pregnancy and in labour. Definitely a must-have DVD to use from the start of your pregnancy all the way through to the end."

Emma-Louise Roberts, expectant mum

"This DVD is both informative and practical, showing you how to carry out yoga exercises to suit you, which can be practised for a long period of time or if you have a spare 5 minutes - I actually did a few at the photocopier at work when no one was looking! I teamed this DVD with yoga classes and I can safely say that without either I don't think I would have felt so fit and well during pregnancy and I would have had a completely different perspective (not such a positive one) on giving birth. Thank you, Rozy and Kate."

Fliss, first-time soon-to-be mum

"This enjoyable DVD guides women through practices that will help them relax and take time out. It provides simple stretches and exercises that can be used at home or work that will help alleviate minor discomfort of pregnancy."

Annette Skinner, midwife

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