Postnatal Yoga

Feel stronger, more comfortable and calmer as you start life with your new baby.

Simple practical yoga sequences and techniques to fit into your life.

"Excellent for new mothers who have trouble getting to a class but want to regain strength and tone." Shawn Walker, midwife and mum

What's on the DVD? [view cover]

Create your own practice with nearly 2 hours of yoga, divided into handy sections:

Introduction 5 mins

5 Steps For Postnatal Recovery 23 mins

Yoga for Daily Life 9 mins

Yoga to Wake Up 12 mins

Yoga to Chill Out 6 mins

Full Practice 55 mins

Relaxation 10 mins

10% of profits from these DVDs go to the Birthlight Foundation -

Kate and Rozy guide you through several short yoga sequences for you to fit into your busy life. There is also a full one-hour practice for when you have time to indulge. These unique sequences are designed to prevent and ease the common aches and pains associated with postnatal recovery, and to promote healing on all levels, no matter how your baby's birth turned out.

Includes exercises suitable from a few hours after giving birth. For all levels of fitness, no previous experience necessary. Buy the DVD now for only £15 - or buy both for £25 - with FREE DELIVERY in the UK. For BULK ORDERS (35% discount on 10 or more DVDs) » get in touch.

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What people say about Rozy and Kate's Postnatal Yoga DVD:

"This video is excellent for new mothers who have trouble getting out to a class but want to regain strength and tone following the birth of their babies."

Shawn Walker, independent midwife and mum of three

"From a midwife's perspective, I thought the level of depth and explanation of the exercises and how they relate to the postnatal body was excellent. I thought the pace was good and it was easy to follow the exercises. I really like the fact that you have included abit of baby handling - so important and I wish that I had known that stuff in the early days so I could have been more careful. If I had watched the DVD I would have! Really great content and I would highly recommend it to anyone postnatally to help mend their creaky body!"

Kelda Folliard, midwife and mum

"I really enjoyed this DVD and the concise and flexible workouts. It is easy to follow and very effective with lots of useful tips on how to help our postnatal bodies. It's great that it can also be started from the day you give birth! The imagery used and friendly manner, together with consistent reminders on correct posture to make the most of the workout, make this DVD similar to being in one of Kate's 'live' classes!"

Sian Aldis, mum of two

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